What Is a Mission Statement and Why Does Every MLM Blog Need One?

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The following is the Mission Statement for Starbucks:

“Our mission is to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.”

It’s simple and it’s sincere. And, everyone that does business with Starbucks gets it.

Many network marketers and MLM’ers who blog make the mistake of not taking the time to craft a mission statement for their blog.

If you do not have one, I urge you to write one as soon as possible. Once you do, you will find that your prospective customers and business partners understand you better. You will begin working only with customers and partners who share your values. All of  your team members will have a better understanding of their purpose in your organization. You will also  find that it is much easier to make decisions about how to run your business.

Your mission statement should be a formal, short, written statement of your blog’s purpose. In a nutshell, it should answer the question “Why does this blog exist?”

If you’ve never developed a mission statement before, here are a few things it might address:
  • The purpose and intention of your blog (i.e., an explanation of what your blog is about and who will benefit from reading your blog)
  • What your aspirations for the blog are
  • What sets your blog head and shoulders above the rest of the network marketing and MLM blogs out there
  • Your core values, purpose, and future goals
  • The products and/or services that you offer and recommend

Your mission statement should be specific and narrow enough that it can’t apply to anyone else‘s blog. But, it should be written so that it is flexible enough to allow room for growth and change. Make sure that the statement is clear … by that I mean, it does not contain a bunch of buzz words or industry jargon and easy for potential clients and partners to understand.

Once you have your mission statement laid out, you can use it to help guide your blogging efforts,  laying out your blog’s basic design, providing content creation direction and cohesiveness, and also to assist you in directing your decision making process.

Blogging From Your Core Values Makes A HUGE Difference

There is one facet of your mission statement that is more important than all others: your core values.

Core values are those values  that form the foundation from which we do everything in life. The world is ever-changing, ever-evolving.  However, core values remain constant.

Core values are NOT descriptions of the work you do or the methodologies you use to accomplish your life’s mission. Rather, your values add definition and parameters to your work, how you interact with others, and which strategies you use to fulfill your mission. They are the basic elements governing how you go about your life and your work. They are the practices you use every day in everything you do.

Core values should:
  • Govern personal and business relationships
  • Guide business practices
  • Clarify who you are
  • Articulate what you stand for
  • Help explain why you do business the way you do
  • Guide you in how to teach others
  • Help you decide how to reward others
  • Guide you in making decisions
  • Require no external justification
Here is an example of my core values. These are the values that guide everything I blog about at the Attraction Marketing Training Kitchen:
  • I am committed to contributing to my readers’  financial and intellectual growth  and well-being.
  • I continually strive for excellence with all of my content, training, products and services.
  • I associate and do business with only those people and companies who share my commitment to integrity, excellence and service.
  • I strive to provide an environment that operates in the best interests of  everyone’s professional and personal growth.

Once you have written your mission statement and core values, add them to the “About” section of your blog. This a spot where everyone who visits your blog can see them and see you “walking your talk”.

Take the time review them on a regular basis with yourself and your readers. And always make sure when you are considering bringing a new business partner into your business they know this is what you stand for and why you are in business. Real people connect with other real people that they resonate with. Your blog allows the right people for you and your business to find you, get to know and pre-qualify themselves for your time, products and services.

It goes without saying, writing a mission statement and core values is simply not enough. What matters most is living them on a daily basis and showing people that you are a person of your word.

Use your mission statement to help you make decisions about your business – the  companies you partner with, the products you create and promote, the way in which you communicate with your visitors, readers and business associates. You will never have to second guess yourself and your integrity will never be questioned. You will always provide high value content rich information to everyone which will have them coming back to your blog over and over again.

Hope that you received some real value from this post! Be sure to leave some comments. And take a minute to share it with YOUR Tribe!!

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