MLM Women, Men, Sex And Personality Types


MLM Women vs. MLM MenYesterday’s post discussing the possibility of MLM Women being better Network Marketers than MLM Men raised quite a few diverse opinions.

Of course the ladies were extremely impressed, and rightfully so with 6 Powerful Impact movies to back the statement.

But Bob Firestone left a comment that to me quite possibly sums up the distinctions and levels the playing field. I was in the process of replying to his comment but ended up deleting it after my ‘aha’ moment (more on that in a minute) to open up this discussion further.

The conclusion was that the different strengths that MLM men and women have compliment each other in different areas of conducting the business.

Now correct me if I’m wrong, women communicate amongst each other lots more than men and are natural word of mouth sales people. This puts MLM women miles in the lead for simply getting the business done, period.

But Bob also pointed out that it appears that most of the network marketing top earners are men, who are more focused on the actual business, drive and leadership.

Now of course there are exceptions to the rule but in my opinion, the left hand can't work without the right.

So let’s talk about the exception to the rule. And maybe it’s no exception, but simply a difference in personality types.

Let me clarify the ‘aha’ moment…

The ‘aha’ moment was me remembering a 5 part article series that we did on 4 personality types more than a year ago and how that applies the different characteristics that we mention above.

Bob mentioned the more social aspect of women which can be related back to the Inspiring type (extrovert, outgoing). The business focus, leadership qualities in men can be referred to as the Dominant type (power and control).

So shouldn't we compare different personality types rather than compare the opposite sex? If so, would that mean that the Inspiring personality type that comes across more frequently amongst women is the personality type of choice for Network Marketers? Checkout these posts and you decide.

Surely some of the titles, analogies and factual posts will bring a smile to your face.

This 5 part serious discussing the 4 personality types was probably the most fun I’ve had working on a post series and you’ll see why in a minute.

Now I must pre-warn you:

This is our first blog that was fully functional at one time and is still positioned in the /blog directory. (yes, thatMLMbeat has been around for a while!)

When changing over to a blog and social network, we had to start from scratch in the main (root) directory, which is why this MLM blog has been abandoned.

It’s still packed with great posts, but I have removed all the sidebars and the next step is to place links below each post to direct the traffic back to our new hub.

Nevertheless, here is the raw and rusty 5 part series. This will give you an overview:

4 Personality Types - Network Marketing Strategy with an Unfair Advantage

Then this will dig deeper and indulge into each personality type:

Inspiring Type - Are You the ‘Jay Leno’ of Your MLM Business?

Dominant Type - Are You the ‘Dr. House’ of Your MLM Business?

Supportive Type - Are You the ‘Mr. Rogers’ of Your MLM Business?

Cautious Type - Are You the ‘Martha Stewart’ of Your MLM Business?

What are your thoughts on this? Are we working with personality differences and strengths, or do you still believe that MLM women are simply better than MLM men?

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